NFT Meme: The Best NFT Memes of All Time

The Best NFT Memes of All Time And Why They Rock

Regarding memes, the NFT space does not fall short. As a community-centered on blockchain art and internet culture, things may and frequently do shift abruptly. From 48-hour lengthy crypto collapses to odd celebrity participation in NFT initiatives, there is always something to discuss in the NFT sector.

But when merely discussing cultural events is insufficient, you can always count on the NFT community to create a couple of memes to enrich social media debate. In order to cast a light on the unsung heroes of the bizarre, broad world of nonfungibles, we present the greatest NFT memes of all time, ranging from crypto tax memes to the iconic Gary Vee smile.

And if you want to see meme NFTs — i.e., popular memes that have been marketed as NFTs – we’ve got you covered there, too.

The Wolf Of Wall Street On NFTs

NFTs developed from a small online craze to one of the most popular pop culture phenomena of the 2020s during the course of the past year. Numerous artists and collectors continue to offer non-fungible tokens despite the fact that not everyone loves them and few people understand what they are.

Due to the hype, some individuals are ready to purchase virtually any asset as an NFT in the hope that it would appreciate in value. This fuels price speculation and may finally result in a market meltdown. Remember Tulip Mania, for instance. The NFTs inspired by the historical 16th-century Dutch tulip frenzy resulted in its own fixation, with one of the 50 pixelated tulip NFTs fetching almost $55,000. Today, you can get one for as low as 0.05 ETH, or around $160 USD.

Crypto Taxes Meme

Oh, tax time. This is the time of year when everyone scrambles to make sense of their profits and losses from the prior year. According to this tax joke, many of us are frequently left with nothing but our skeletons after all state, and federal payments have been made. There is a wealth of information available on how to record NFT assets, profits, and losses on your taxes.

Twitter Suspends @NFT

Did Twitter discontinue NFTs? Perhaps not necessarily. In February 2022, however, @NFT, the joint venture of Jason Falovitch and Mark Cuban, was locked up on Twitter. A spokeswoman for Meta, Instagram’s parent company, told Rolling Stone, “This account was deactivated due to repeated breaches of our standards, and it will not be reactivated.”

“Space Cowboy,” a Twitter user with the handle @topshotfund, publicly accused the verified page of “pushing a dark cabal of scammy copypasta NFT enterprises without necessary disclosures,” resulting in the account being blocked.

McDonald’s Tweets About Crypto

In the crypto and NFT groups, it’s a recurring joke that blockchain billionaires will have to return to their real-world occupations, such as working at McDonald’s when the charts fall. The social media team at McDonald’s used this sarcastic tweet as an opportunity to check in with the community after January 2022’s chart decline. The artists and collectors took it in stride and responded with their own digs.

Larva Labs Pokémon Meme

In February 2022, the team behind CryptoPunks, LarvaLabs, received considerable outrage for pushing this Pokémon-inspired meme. One of the company’s co-founders, John Watkinson, sold his V1 CryptoPunks NFTs stock. Larva Labs sought to ban the developing project and get it removed from NFT markets days after selling it. This accusation had the potential to cause the price of V1 Punks to collapse, resulting in a monetary loss for everyone who purchased NFTs from Watkinson.

On the other hand, Watkinson pocketed all the proceeds from his sales and had no losses from the price decline, which was triggered by a firm he and one other person controlled.

Tom Brady Retires For NFTs Meme

Tom Brady is the only celebrity who has participated in NFT projects to the level that he has. He announced his retirement from the NFL in February 2022 to focus on his NFT business, Autograph (and his family, of course). Brady’s retirement lasted only forty days. However, this does not imply that Brady’s NFT days are finished. ESPN and he have collaborated to develop an NFT collection based on his career.

Kevin The Unfinished Pixelmon Meme

Well, Kevin. This meme originated in the wake of the Pixelmon unveiling. Pixelmon is a project that raised over $70 million through the selling of unrevealed NFTs at a Dutch auction. Kevin (Kevin is the name of the NFT’s “species characteristic”) was supposedly unveiled quickly despite the fact that the artwork wasn’t completely finished.

Syber, the designer of Pixelmon, said on Discord, “I’m not going to sugarcoat it – we made a terrible error.” “This is inadmissible. We felt pressed to unveil, but in truth, we were not prepared to share the artwork. This is not representative of the brand, and we will rectify it as we have disappointed many people with this revelation.” He continued by stating that the team would spend $2 million to update the artwork.

Today, Pizelmon is an Open World RPG Non-Fighting Title in which you learn, evolve, and battle Pixelon. Kevin is as well-known as ever. He has inspired derivative art collections such as “The Lives of Kevin” and “Kevin Punks

Vitalik The Bear Meme

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, was photographed on stage at ETHDenver wearing an unusual outfit. In addition to what looked to be pajamas, the programmer at one point emerged in a full-body bear costume. Due to the fact that the occurrence occurred amid a short crypto crisis, many people quickly saw the meme’s potential.

The GaryVee Smirk Meme

Gary Vaynerchuk, often known as GaryVee, is one of the few names as significant to the NFT ecosystem as GaryVee. The wine critic turned social media entrepreneur serves as chairman of the New York-based communications firm VaynerX. GaryVee transitioned from NFT collector to creator during the past year, developing VaynerNFT to aid celebrities and companies with their own NFT ventures and building the VeeFriends network.

This wonderful screenshot was obtained during an interview Vaynerchuk had with CNBC in early February. During the course of the conversation, Vaynerchuk was asked about the “problematic” nature of the crypto and NFT markets, to which he responded with a chuckle. The snapshot rapidly gained popularity within the crypto and NFT circles.

NFT Roadmaps Meme

Before committing to a new NFT project, conducting an extensive study regarding the project’s purpose, creators, and intended direction is crucial. Frequently, NFT roadmaps are nothing but empty promises… like a drink that is all foam. Consider Pixelmon, a firm that raised $70 million and then released Kevin, which also made this list.

A roadmap for the NFT project Frosties includes raffles, merchandise, and even a “dedicated fund to safeguard the Frosties’ longevity.” However, the project’s creators stole more than $1 million in ETH within hours of its inception. They were subsequently arrested. What is the best approach to prevent these cons? Do your homework.

Donnie Darko Seeks IRL Friends

When one is immersed in NFTs, it is far simpler to establish acquaintances in the metaverse than in the actual world. It’s hardly a cause for fear that you will never see your friend’s face or hear their voice, right?

In all seriousness, it is astounding to witness the sorts of actual ties being formed inside the group. Many of these online friendships are transforming into relationships in the real world through gatherings and activities.

Never Stood A Chance

It occurs far too frequently. You believe you have a chance to win an auction, but a whale arrives and dashes your hopes. In this instance, the Golden Friend NFT eluded capture. It is only one of the 5,000 animated figures that Markus Magnusson has made.

In March 2021, Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON blockchain, was outbid in the final 20 seconds of a Christie’s auction, perhaps one of the most high-profile examples of being outbid. The item he did not acquire? The First 5000 Days of Beeple’s Everyday NFT.

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