What Are The Best Animation Applications?

What Are The Best Animation Applications?

Finding a good enough animation program that is simple and generates amazing results quickly is not an easy challenge. Due to the sheer number of tools available, it can be almost as scary as learning how to do it from start.


If you want to make cartoon animation, FlipaClip is an excellent option for a free animation program with all the benefits of modern animation technology while maintaining an old-school vibe.

Create films with up to three free animation layers and multiple frames utilizing their onion skinning tool. An overlay grid can be used to add more effects to your animations. The most striking feature of this program is that, as the name implies, you can make cartoons out of your own sketches that look like a flipbook.

Animation Desk Classic

If you want to draw animations on your iPad, Animation Desk Classic is a great choice because it allows you to create frame animations in the same way as a flipbook with the Apple Pencil.

You’ll get a “pleasant, attractive” UI and various painting instruments, including fountain pens, crayons, and pencils, all of which have pressure sensitivity. Adjust your brushes’ opacity and stroke size to add more detail, and use the onion skinning function to see how your frames are laid together. Finally, you may build animations with a frame rate of up to 24 frames per second, which is noteworthy.

PicsArt Animator

With features like frame duplication, animated stickers, and various overlays, PicsArt Animator allows you to create beautiful cartoons and animations on your mobile device at any time. They also let you draw your animations frame by frame and use numerous layers to create more complicated animations.

With this animation app, you can also record sounds straight in the app and add voiceovers to your animations. On the other hand, the Emoji Me feature distinguishes this app from the rest. It allows you to make your emojis.

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