How To Display NFT Art
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Creative Ways To Display NFT Art: Digital NFT Frames

In 2021, the market for non-fungible tokens was valued at a stunning $41 billion, which was just $9 billion less than the physical art market in 2020. As sales of non-fungible tokens continue to increase, it is feasible that the NFT market may one day equal or surpass the value of conventional art. Before this can occur, NFTs must overcome several obstacles, one of which is how they should be shown.

Physical pieces of art are simple to exhibit. Simply frame and display them above a fireplace, in a gallery, or on an easel. However, in the case of NFTs, it might be difficult for producers and collectors to exhibit their collections.

So, what is the remedy?

Produce Your NFT

If you want to present your still-image NFTs on a budget, you may print them like you would any other photograph. You may also include a QR code that can be scanned for authentication or purchase. Simply visit a QR-code generating website, such as Scanova or QRCode Monkey, and enter the URL for your NFT artwork. Once the URL is pasted, the website will produce a QR code.

Manufacturers like Solid can assist you if you are unsure about the type of paper, print size, or finish to select for your NFTs. These businesses utilize cutting-edge technologies to give their customers high-definition NFT printing services. Canvas size, frame quality, print longevity, and texture are not concerns. The NFT printing provider handles everything, and the real NFT is delivered to your home without any fuss.

Now you only need to select a suitable location to show your artwork.

Digital NFT Frames

Digital NFT display frames may be the coolest method to exhibit artwork. While printed NFTs permit the display of static pictures, digital displays permit the presentation of NFTs in the form of movies or GIFs. One digital frame option is Tokenframe. These frames have an anti-glare display, dual speakers, and an automatic rotation feature. In addition, these digital frames are smartphone-controlled, allowing you to simply switch between many NFTs and their accompanying QR codes on the same frame.

Atomic Form, a Web3 media startup, got the CES innovation award in January 2022 for their 4K NFT display, Atomic Form Wave. This cutting-edge digital NFT frame is linked to the user’s crypto wallet and validates each NFT on the blockchain prior to displaying it. The Wave gadget on Atomic Form Hub allows users to exchange, manage, and lend their NFTs to one another.

Atomic Form states in a news release, “The Wave was also battle-tested at The Gateway, where 50 units were utilized simultaneously, and the software was battle-tested at Phillips for Slime Sunday, Christie’s (Justin Aversano), and the Pellas Gallery in Boston.” Atomic Form recently stated that a new edition of Wave F2 would be available in the month of March, with pre-sale participants receiving a “special version” of the company’s most recent NFT display.

Infinite Objects, a firm that provides electricity-powered display frames for video NFTs, is another company aiming to introduce NFTs into the real world. In order to obtain your video NFT, you must first upload the file to the Infine Object website. Next, you pay between $79 to $450+ depending on the style of frame you select, and you have your NFT within a couple of weeks.

The frames from Infinite Objects can sustain even 24-hour-long films, so you don’t have to worry about your video being interrupted. Additionally, NBA Top Shot NFT holders receive an authenticity certificate in addition to their printed NFT. They accept cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC.

Tokenframe, Atomic Form, and Infinite Objects are not the only firms that offer digital NFT display frames; the NFT display market is developing rapidly, much as the NFT sector. However, if you do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful digital frame, you may like to investigate multifunctional items such as the Samsung QLED HDR Smart TV. When you’re not browsing Netflix, the TV’s “Art Mode” feature may be used to display your NFTs or any other artworks.

Online Display Of Your NFT Collection

The popularity of NFTs is also attributable to markets like as OpenSea, Raribe, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare. Daily, millions of purchasers visit these NFT platforms, which provide the majority of the industry’s income. As a result, they are an excellent option for showcasing your digital art collection.

In addition to internet markets, you may also utilize display websites like Showtime, Collectors Hub, and Lazy, where artists and collectors regularly showcase their NFTs. If you already have a substantial number of followers on social networking services such as Discord and Twitter, you may also establish your own NFT art website.

Lastly, a private website or portfolio enables you to showcase and sell your NFTs in whatever manner you like. You are exempt from any unpleasant terms and conditions, as well as all marketplace fees and limitations.

Exhibit Your NFT Assortment In The Metaverse.

NFTs are multidimensional assets whose presence is not confined to digital frames and online markets. Additionally, virtual worlds in the metaverse have their own art galleries or display areas ideal for NFTs. In Decentraland and Sandbox, for instance, users may purchase digital land where they can host an NFT art show and invite other users.

After registering and purchasing virtual land, you may host art exhibits, auctions, and other events to display, promote, and sell your NFT collection. You may also develop and distribute customized passes and tickets for such events via social media.

However, if you are a new artist and platforms like Decentraland are prohibitively expensive for you, you may also show your NFTs for free on Cyber. Obviously, foot traffic in these venues is limited, but they are ideal for hosting immersive NFT art shows and drawing your own audience.

These alternative NFT display techniques have the potential to bring the digital art business closer to reality. They can assist in introducing NFTs to audiences that would not otherwise be aware of the web3 advancements. With their distinct aesthetic appeal, NFT screens are also anticipated to enhance the widespread use of blockchain technology.

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