The Best Equipment for Fitness Fanatics in 2021
Image from Pexels: Fitness Equipment

The Best Equipment for Fitness Fanatics in 2022

With the new year comes another set of resolutions that are waiting to either be forgotten or fulfilled. For those brave and consistent enough for most of the 365 days, this promise normally revolves around the idea of improving their fitness.

With the help of some of our peers in the tech, fitness, and digital marketing industry, we have compiled a list of the must-have equipment for people who are planning to put an extra premium on their overall wellbeing in 2022. Here are their suggestions:

Agnieszka Cejrowska of Bank Opening shares:

Everyone, not only an athlete or a fitness fanatic, knows how important it is to properly hydrate the body. A device that helps to take care of the correct level of water and effectively reminds you to consume the right amount of fluids is an intelligent bottle.

This high-tech water bottle monitors the body’s hydration during the day and sends out regular reminders that make it easy to get into the habit of frequently refilling fluids. The optimal amount of water to drink is calculated based on age, weight, height, activity level, and weather conditions.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding, for example, are also included in the calculations. All watering data can be checked in the application—just shake the bottle and the synchronization will start automatically.

Cherry Yang of Mobility With Love explains:

I think buying a fitness tracker embedded with the most advanced technologies is always a good gift ideal for fitness fanatics. Fitness trackers have been hugely improved year by year, and now a good one could track all the important data about your body and work with your smartphones and drones, which help regulate your daily plan, track your body performance, and even answer the phone. Wearing a fitness tracker makes you feel good and always know what’s going on in your body.

Joanna Jozwik Serra of Birdy Boutique highlights:

We created a blanket where one side is all about yoga, allowing little ones to learn and practice all their yoga poses and start to meditate. A variety of yoga poses are listed for easy convenient practice. This is excellent for calming techniques.

The opposite side is a fun interactive activity blanket with tons of games and ideas on it, without needing any game pieces except for what you find outside. It even has an area for outdoor nature art and treasures. This blanket is truly unique and a fun creative way for kids to stay engaged, not just busy.

Eric Levitan of Vivo underlines:

Vivo, the premier virtual fitness program for older adults, is a great way to ensure your aging parents stay healthy and active. Especially during this time of isolation during the pandemic.

Imagine not only giving your parents the gift of strength and independence, but also giving them what they really want: spending quality time with you. And it’s quality time that’s beyond the traditional phone check-ins of “what’s new this week?”

This is meaningful, shared experience stuff. This is exercising together in a small group experience with a live trainer over Zoom.

The trainer will engage you, will challenge you, and will make sure you’re all safe, all while getting a really good workout that’s individualized for each person in the group. Whether you’re 40 or 70, we promise this’ll be a great workout that’ll leave you both feeling good.

You’ll also be more connected with your peers. Working out together is not only good physically but also emotionally. What more could you want for a gift for your elderly?

Madeline Watson of Zygo points out:

For the swimmer and Soul Cycler alike, Zygo is a first-of-its-kind underwater headset technology, which unlike existing products, enables users to stream content from their phone (music, podcasts, audiobooks); receive live coaching; and access an app of Zygo’s dynamic on-demand workouts paired with music—providing a long overdue solution for water sports, from swimming to surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

Designed specifically for the avid swimmer as the boutique fitness fan of Peloton and Barry’s Bootcamp, Zygo co-founders Sheera Goren and Charlie Melvoin noticed that swimming was largely overlooked as a fitness trend. Unlike spinning and cycling thanks to great playlists, charismatic instructors, and varied routines; inspiring them to develop their own streaming audio solution.

At launch, Zygo’s app features over 100 workouts from three talented instructors who offer upbeat programs that range from a short mindful swim, to a long triathlon training series.

Nick Karwoski of TAGALONG says:

TAGALONG is a fitness platform that enables amateur athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to connect and train with professional athletes. Tagalong Pros are Olympians, National Team Members and World Record Holders.

They’ve spent the majority of their life perfecting the strategies, movements, and techniques of their sport to maximize their bodies and athletic performances. That’s why they’re the best training partners to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Recent COVID shutdowns have forced many gyms to file for bankruptcy with slim hope of re-opening, fueling an unprecedented spike in the purchase of at-home fitness equipment. Even with heightened safety precautions and a vaccine on the horizon, many people are hesitant to return to a gym. Today people are getting fit at home while working from home.

Although having in-home gym equipment is now common, knowing how to use it to maximize results is not. Tagalong Pros offer a combination of expert knowledge, real-time feedback, and motivation.

A quick consultation allows Tagalong to assess your fitness goals and customize a plan around the equipment you have. Our Pros will help you tie it all together – what equipment to use, which specific workouts to do on what days, what benchmarks to hit, as well as when to rest and when to push. They can even conduct live virtual training sessions and workout alongside you.

At TAGALONG, we help connect people to work out and improve together. We recognize that humans constantly want to evolve; to get better, faster, and stronger. Who better to help you than some of the best athletes in the world?

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